About the Firm

My ancestor…who signed the treaty…accepted the word of the United States – that this treaty would protect not only the Indian way of life for those then living, but also for all generations yet unborn.
Jerry Meninick, Yakama Nation, Congressional Testimony

Berkey Williams LLP is a law firm that provides comprehensive legal services to Indian tribes and tribal organizations.  We represent clients throughout the United States, including tribes and tribal organizations in California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and New York.  Attorneys in the firm have a combined experience of more than 85 years in Indian law.  The firm is unique in that it represents only Native American interests; it has not and does not represent interests adverse to Indian tribes.  The firm provides a full range of legal services, including counsel and advice, preparation of governing documents (tribal codes, policies, ordinances), advocacy before administrative and legislative bodies, training, and litigation in federal, state and tribal courts.  Our cases involve natural and cultural resource protection, land, water, healthcare, ICWA, Tribal TANF, and employment.  Attorneys in the firm have a distinguished record of championing tribal interests to protect and advance the legal, political, cultural, and economic rights of tribes.