The Klamath River Renewal Corporation Board of Directors, including Scott, met in Ashland, Oregon on June 26.  Following the meeting, the Board toured the three dam sites in California slated for removal.  The Board observed and celebrated the partial removal of the first of the three dams, Copco 2 – the Board watched as excavators removed broken concrete from the river bed into dump trucks, which then hauled the pieces of the former dam out of the river canyon.  Curtis and Scott, representing the Yurok Tribe, have been engaged since the mid-1990s in efforts to remove the Klamath River dams, restore the Tribal fishery, and repair a damaged river.  The remaining dams are expected to be removed, with the Klamath once again a free-flowing major river, by September 2024. Yurok Tribal leaders over the years have been persistent and creative in seeking dam removal knowing that this project would be the largest dam removal project in the country. Their objectives are finally within reach.  For further detailed information, please click here: